Thursday, January 3, 2013


It is that time again!  The time of year that I set goals for myself that I hope I can follow through on.  I am a firm believer in resolutions at New Years....I belive we all should set goals to strive towards.  This is not setting yourself up for failure, it is setting yourself up for success, it is only failure if you never try.  Here is my list of resolutions for 2013.

1. Lose weight 5lb per month...for a total of 60 lbs this year.
2. Exercise regularly...treadmill, wii sports and fit, yoga, strength training.
3. Writing: family history, novel, something fun and instructive
4. Painting: one per month at least
5. Crafting: create, create, create! sell at shows, make gifts, home parties.
6. Monthly snail not let the art of snail mail die!
7. Create a Happy Jar and use it.  Write on slips of paper, all the good stuff that happens over 2013 ( LOL, achievements, RAK's, small pleasures and more) and then read them all on December 31st!
8. many places to go and see.
9. Grow herbs, start early indoors and transplant to the garden and then make all kinds of teas, smudges, and herbal products to use and sell and give away!
10. Do something with my talents and skills ....all of them!
11. Work myself out of my job with my talents and skills and be my own boss (100 % and permanently)
12. Simplify my Blog and have fun with it.
13. Give birthday cards to people I love and care for, make them when possible, and create birthday grams!
14. Come up with a lot of fun activities to share with my babies....
15. Shower my hubby with love and appreciation wether he deserves it or not!
16. Organize myself and create a plan to follow with all of my To Do Lists
17. Organize, plan and hold several large family events.
18. Create a beautiful, magickal garden!
19. Eat better, healthier.
20. Make videos that go along with my blogs and other creative endeavors.
21. Go on a spiritual quest...a pilgrimage of the mind, soul and heart and discover what calls to me.

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