DEAR THELMA... Love LOUISE (memories of adventures with my best friend)

Adventures and life with my best friend.

Dear Thelma,

Hey girl, it's 6 a.m on Sunday morning and I had to get up and write to you.  You have been on my mind a lot this week probably because Easter is on it's way and we have spent some good Easters together, and if I didn't see you at Easter, we were at least starting to make plans for my birthday adventure at the end of April.
I was thinking about our last Easter together which would have been in 2010, such a joyful and painful time together.  I was living in that tiny little basement apartment (the basement of a nice old house) in old North London. Dave and I had just moved back to London from a six month stay at a little cottage in the Country in Shetland, Ontario.  I was on E.I. then and had taken time out in the country as I had experienced my first and so far, worst Fibromyalgia flare up which left me barely able to make it through the day in an upright position and so we thought a rest in the country would do me well.  I remember that you were upset that you had not been able to get away to see my little country cottage, because you always loved it when I lived in the country, but that you also loved my little basement apartment and that it later inspired you to try out basement dwelling yourself when you moved back to Vanier. 
Anyhow, I was so excited to see you that Easter because you had had your weight loss surgery and you had just lost the first significant amount of weight and we had made plans to do an outdoor photo shoot to show you off!  I was so excited to see you coming down my stairs that I snapped a photo of you right away!  All of the kids came home for Easter that weekend to see you and we were sleeping bodies on the floor and even in the laundry room!  You and I bought a bunch of those plastic easter eggs and we sat for an hour or more writing up little notes of kindness and inserting them in all of the eggs, and then we wrote letters and attached our email addresses and sealed them in plastic bottles.  When we were done, we loaded everything into a big wicker basket and headed down to Gibbons Park where we tossed the bottles with the letters into the river proclaiming that they would make their way to sea where wayward pirates would find them and certainly send us an email once they made it to land.  Once we were done with that task we took all of those easter eggs and we hid them all over the park for people to find and we stood behind the trees and bushes and watched  to see what they would do when they discovered a treasure!  Lastly, we did some tree hugging and climbing and I took all kinds of wacky photos of you!  What a wonderful beautiful day. 
Later that night, all hell broke loose.  Dave and I had been experiencing some difficulties, he was struggling with his personal demons again and things were tense between us.  He and I fought that night and into the next morning over me not having a job, not including him in on the time you and I shared, showing favoritism with his kids vs mine, you name it.  The argument got very heated  and you suggested he leave and take a walk and it ended with him saying to me that YOU had to leave and were never allowed back in our home and ME telling him to walk his own butt out the door.  He was in a bad space then, because normally he would have never said or done that.  He decided he would leave but he was taking everything with him....stereo, TV, etc. and things started flying off shelves and walls faster than we could say WTF?  I remember looking at you and picking up the phone and calling the police to report him because he just would not listen to reason.  The police came and told him to leave and that he could not bring joint property with him....I will never forget his words that day as he headed towards the door.  "If you tell me to leave and I walk out this door, it is over between us and I will never be back".  I just stood there not saying a sound.  He left taking Desirae with him. 
After the door closed behind him, my legs started to shake and my heart started to break and you said "Come on let's sit and talk about it". I curled up beside you on the couch and sobbed into your shoulder while you comforted me and held me.  You said to me, "I would have left you know" to which I replied "no one will EVER tell me you are not welcome in my home, you are my family and you are a part of me, and you will always have a place with me."  I remember breaking down and telling everything to you then, how things were getting tough between Dave and I, my worries about his self destructive behaviour at the time, my instincts to tuck tail and run, my fears of never being able to have a normal relationship, and you looked at me and said.... "Louise, crazy girls like us don't do normal." "When we love, we love with all of our hearts, and we usually love the boys that are just as crazy as we are."  " I don't condone living in a shitty relationship, but I know one thing Louise, you know what a shitty relationship is and you are one of the strongest women I know and also one of the smartest and toughest, and I have no doubt in my mind that if it was always shitty between you guys, you would not stick around and if it ever came down to push comes to shove he had better look over his shoulder because if your true crazy comes out, I will be needing to pack my shovel and put on my body burying clothes!"  "Louise, you have to decide if this one is worth  all the fuss, and no one can decide that but you."  "I have told you before, I will always have your back, and I will support you in whatever you choose."  "If it means staying away from you for a bit while you sort all of this out, than that's what I will do."  Then you said...."If you ask me, I think you guys really do love each other and you have a special kind of connection and you should both figure this out, but he needs to get a grip on his temper and drinking and issues from his past and you need to stop running away from relationships."  And that was that....we didn't speak of it again that weekend, I pulled up my big girl panties and we carried on with a great Easter Dinner, which turned out to be one of the funniest Eater Dinners ever as the kids and I laughed at your first real sit down solid big meal which consisted of  I am sure, 10 kernals of corn, a bite of meat, a teaspoon of potatoes and you left food on your plate because you were full! 
Saying goodbye the next day was extra hard, because I knew that I was going to be heading for a season of stormy weather and uncertainties and I knew I wasn't going to be able to have you by my side during this time.  I had always had you and or Wendy to run to and to count on but I knew I had to take this next journey on my own.  Only then would I realize my own strength, what I truly wanted and how far I would go.  Later that night as I got ready for bed, I found an Easter egg under my pillow and inside I found a note written by you that said...."You, yes you are my sunshine! know peace!, and that was exactly what I set out to do over the next year, find inner peace. 

Happy Easter My True Blue!



Shetland, Ontario (The little Cottage)

Harrison Ave, London (The Basement Apartment)

 Easter With Thelma 2010

This month I decided to clean out the file cabinet of 9 years worth of randomly stashed paperwork.  I discovered several letters from you hidden in among the bills and other keepsakes.  In the past I have kept your letters over the years, tucked away in my treasure trunk but somehow these ones never made it to their intended destination.  I have chosen to take the letters or excerpts from those letters and share them today because I think the messages are important for people to hear. (note* some things were too private to share at this time)   

Dear Heidi, Daisy & Bunny:
I just felt compelled to write this letter to all three of you.  I was driving in my van and listening to music loudly as I usually do, when I was struck by my unbelievable good fortune.  Let me explain.  I'm sure there are plenty of women who are lucky to have one true blue, awesome, woman friend in their life.  But here I am with three! I think of those who impact me with their creativity, sensitivity, nurturing ways and REAL true blue friendship...and I think of the three of you.  You're amazing, beautiful, and inspiring women.  And I am so honoured to have you all as my friends.  Wow! I am absolutely left breathless just thinking of it at times.  I mean you are all so genuine and honest and quirky to no end....I just love each of you to pieces.  So I just wanted the three of you to know how grateful I am for your friendships in my life and how so very blessed I consider myself to know all of you.  You ARE the wind beneath my wings.  Oh and P.S. it's not been lost on me that my three beautiful true blues are named Heidi, Daisy and Bunny! Teeheehee xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Things are crazy good with me. I'm feeling great. Well I will be once I heal from this ear surgery. It ain't rainbows and sunshine when someone diigs around in your ear I tell ya!
I was up in Pembroke two weekends ago. Hung out with my sister mostly. Martin came to hang out with us in Pembroke and my other brother Shane actually came over to my sister's house. This was the first time the two brothers had met. It went really well. I'm so happy about that.
So it looks pretty definite that I'm moving back to Ottawa. It won't be until spring-ish. I want to be closer to family. I'll be living with Martin. HIS IDEA!!
Ya I know. I was pretty blown away. Patti it's all so perfect. I mean he isn't perfect and we all know I'm sure not perfect. But we get along so great and the brother sister connection is truly amazing. I couldn't have imagined it all going any better than it is. I"m so deliriously happy.

How's it going girl? 
I'm happy to hear about your new digs. Sounds awesome. That neighbourhood was kinda cute so I'm sure it's already got all your personal touches to the place.
I hope to come down next month. The first weekend I'm off to North Bay for Brent's one year celebration from the Recovery House program. I'm so proud of him. He has worked so hard and I truly believe he is going to be a world changer!
But maybe the middle to end of the month?
I miss you guys very much. 

I've been having a hard time with what is going on with you because my sister is also going through some relationship stuff with her hubby. It's a very sad and scary time for the women who I love, I trust your intuition of course and have read and re-read what you have written. i know crazy. I know what can happen with those of us who are more than a tad bit nuts. I just worry that maybe none of us know for sure what is right or wrong. Maybe we're all so damaged by the lives we've had, that we couldn't be good judges of what we should have in our relationships. Maybe I'm just talking shit because I'm tired and confused about my own relationship. I don't know anymore. I just wish that things could be different for you two and for my sister and her hubby. It's hard work. Relationships scare the bejeebers out of me to be honest. I know you love Dave. Obviously. Are you going to be able to work through this? I hope that whatever you want, happens. Simple. I think you both need individual help so that you can be healthy. That's a given. But then again, it's a given for me and most that I know. Aww Louise ... I wish we could be children again and have good parents and happy childhood/youth memories. Maybe our lives would be soo different. Then again though, maybe they wouldn't.
I'm rambling. I'm going to go home to bed now.
No matter what. I love you. I have your back.
So give me an update.
xoxo D

I love the way you analyze yourself and Dave and your interactions together. I feel like you definitely know what has happened and why it has happened. You're a smart, intuitive cookie that way. I do hope that each of you can get to a place where love prevails because even though I haven't been around a whole lot lately, I know you love each other very much.
You think you have a shit load more things to experience? Damn woman! You've lived a few lifetimes this time round.  But I do know what you mean. At least I think I do.
I wish we didn't live so far apart from each other. I'm still trying to figure out why I'm here. *shrug* and could use your analysis!
Any update on Wendy? xoxo D

Hehehehe. I'm so friggin' excited. I can't believe I'm finally going to see the ocean. Play in the ocean. Breathe in the ocean. I dont' know if I'll  stay intact until departure time. LOL
We're going June 28-July 7. We're planning on camping in Nova Scotia. I'm going with Bruce, his wife, sister-in-law, her hubby and I'm unsure who else. You haven't met them yet, just heard me talk about them, but you would love them like they were your own family! We're driving down in two cars. Bruce is from Nova Scotia and he still has family and friends there. He went back last summer and even though he remembered why he left, he still loves it there. I have always wanted to go. I finally have the opportunity. I have been waiting to see movement with Jake before making plans to travel but it's not happening. So it's time for me to just go and do. I have already started saving even! Me? Miss not-a-good-saver-of-money-for-anything. Originally it was for surgery but I think surgery can wait. I need to enjoy this year. I need to experience life and places I've never been. I feel reborn yet stuck. So it's time to fit in to the world that I never fit in to before.
So me and you girlie ... it's time for us to plan a road trip. It's been way toooo long coming. Quite frankly I don't care if we only plan an extended weekend but something. Just two wild women, a car, music, and the open road ...
You in?
xo D

secret stuff part 4445

uh i think i will be calling in sick for the sunday shift ... i want one more night with you an Wen. I have missed you soooooooooo much. I miss having you right with me while I have been going through this surgery. It would have made it just that much sweeter. You and I have such a genuine friendship. I depend on it greatly. I love you Patti.

Dear Louise, 
I find funky, quaint, unique, cards and tid bits to mail to my friends and know that they are inspired by creative souls like you.  It makes my heart smile.  Hope all is well and you are happy.  Sounds like life is zipping along.  You have had some priceless opportunities my friend, your gifts are to be given to those in need.  Still in awe that you are going to be a gramma, let the next generation of awesome begin, we have to celebrate!  Miss you.  Love Thelma xox

Louise, I got the photos you sent from our photo shoot...I absolutely love them! I can't believe that's me. WOW! Is that how you actually see me through your lens? 
Thanks true blue. I think this is a great way to celebrate my having lost 200 lbs. 
So can I print them out for everyone?
Can I put them on my Facebook profile?
Can I post them all over for the world to see?
This is the first time I have truly loved myself in photos, except for that one from a long time ago with you and me in know the one! xox

Dear Louise. I am the newest chambermaid at the Champlain Motor Inn. This is the place where Rob and I have been living for over a month. We have a little cabin that she has on the side of the motel. It is one of the seediest motels in town. LOL I love it! I figured I will work at anything for now.I just want to stay busy and save money. Then as summer comes in, I can take time off. That's my devious plan for now.
How are things in London town?
I am really hoping to get down there before the end of the month. But now with the new farmhouse - it may be more challenging. The place needs so much work. But it's amazing. I can't believe this opportunity has come our way. It is the most beautiful place. I mean I am seeing it through rose-coloured glasses and also ones that allow me to see in to the future. Cuz to be real - right now it's a bit of a nightmare. I will work my fingers to the bone to get her fixed up though. She has personality and a heck of a rich history.
I know I will be happy there. I would be thrilled to even just live out in the fields. 100acres!!!!!
You will have to come and visit. Seriously!
love love

Dear P.I.C. (Partner In Crime)
Oh how I miss you dear Louise.  It has been way too long without a visit.   I'm just going to have to hop in my car and jet off to London soon!  Life sure has gotten interesting.  I pinch myself multiple times daily.  Pretty sure some divine being is responsible for all of this.  It's definately a whole different world for me now Patti.  Sometimes I think I am way over my head.  It feels so weird to have a full time live in partner and being a parental unit...Me? yep. Just so different in so many amazing ways. xox Thelma

Ahh My dear True Blue.... I have so much to catch you up on with my crazy little life here in the boonies of the Ottawa Valley.  I wish all of this falling in love stuff had happened somewhere else though.  I still have a love/hate (emphasis on the latter) with this crappy town. Rob and family are the ONLY reason I stay...........Dana Super Chick extraordinaire Love ya xoxo Thelma

Patti....A friend told me this morning that if the trauma I am experiencing comes from being back in Pembroke then I shouldn't stay.  Maybe that's the answer, but I feel like this was inevitable and now that it's all happened maybe it's time to finally deal with all of this.  I am going to need to do a lot of work anyways to be well enough to maintain my weight loss. so I think I will stay and battle my demons.  .........I am enjoying being around my family especially my neices and nephews.  I LOVE them so much Louise and I want to see all of the cool things that will happen as they all grow up.  I wish you could know them Louise.  Did I tell you that my brother is finally back in my life?  He came to my birthday party in January and after 13 years we finally started to talk again, what an amazing gift that was. I didn't even realize how much I have missed him.................I wonder what it would have been like if I had been given away as a child, maybe my life would have been better and different...but then I may not have had you in my life.  I am so grateful for you.  I love you Patti and Dave too and the kids.  I need to come and spend time with you, that's always the best therapy in the world.  I wish you were closer.  Maybe when this is done, I will come live there. Maybe Rob would want to make a fresh start there too.........................I need to help my sister and family but I am no good to them like this.  I love them all so much it's hard to breathe sometimes.  They are my world.  If anything ever happened to any of them, I'd be destroyed.  My sister feels like a physical extension of me.  I feel like we are connected by our heart strings...........I don't think I will be able to return to the Social Work field for awhile, if ever.  How did you move on?  I look up to you my True Blue.  I've always admired you for all that you've come through.  You are one of the strongest and most amazing women I know.  Given all of your hard times, you always come out on top  I do admire and adore you dear enticing as it sounds at this moment, Let's not drive off a cliff right now Louise, and I would like to replace Brad Pitt with Rob and have one of those Happily Ever After relationships........I sent you a poem that was from Geoff's funeral card, from his death on March 23, 2011.  he was in his 49th year.  He was Dee Dee's husband who battled cancer for several years before he couldn't fight it anymore.  He died with his family with him...... My head and heart hurts with these thoughts and the thought of lost love and death and nothing left for those who are left behind, nothing but memories of times spent together, sickness maybe, or of a voice whispering words of love.  Geoff was a good man, not in the way people say it because they died and feel obligated to say nice things but an actual really nice good kind man who loved and was loved by all who entered his life and heart. I can only hope to make an impression like this when it is my time to part.... So desperately sad and torn must be his wife.  My dear lonely friend who buried her mate.  I don't ever want to be in her shoes Patti.  The pain of that would suffocate me.  No little tiff, no argument over bad choices, no discontent over life's bullshit trials, nothing, means anything if it is the last chance you have with someone.  Love is all that matters.  Only love.  It seems so simple yet we fight.  I don't want to fight anymore.  I don't see any of it worth the effort if the last words I say to someone are hurtful or ones that cut the heart strings and cause tears.  That cannot be how it all ends. Our  relationships are not meant to be that of hurt and cruelty.  Love is all that can survive the storms.  I won't have regrets.  I won't go out like that.  I won't let it be.  I won't be whispering I am sorry in Robs ears or anyone else.  You won't either, I know this as our truth.  We love, me and you Louise.  We know how in our own warped way regardless of how the people have beat, raped, tortured, destroyed, ridiculed us as children, youth, adults....they didn't win.  They couldn't remove love from our very skin cells, they couldn't stop us from growing.  I treasure every second I have known you Patti-Ann Louise Jessie Heidi Wholeness Sim- Fenech. I am honoured.  You know this fact.  You can count on this for all of eternity.  I am so happy to be sharing all of my thoughts with you.  Its rewarding, intimate, dreamy, floaty, you are my truest blue.  Thank you from my head to my tippy toes for letting me be your Thelma.  I could never imagine my life any other way.  You are a succulent wild woman.  You are the best friend.  ........I want you to know Rob Louise.  Know the creature that the Goddess gave me to love.  You will love him too Louise, I have no doubt...................  Our life is a fairytale Louise....It's got to be a script for a book or a novel,  We need to write it together.  You can take full credit for it, just dedicate it to Rob, and Dave and even though it may be of adult content, dedicate it to your grandbaby Allissa too.  Maybe that will give her a sense of direction and meaning and courage in life and a healthy happy relationship with a beautiful boy to love all of her days.  We will wish on that one Louise and we will spell bind it.  I know this is magic!......Louise I want you to know I think you are are a genius of love and life and tricky little rabbits and cereal box contents, now that was kind of crazy to say! I just keep getting loonier with every passing day, moment, word.  I know you are good with it though.  You love all of the quirky weirdness that is me.  I honestly don't blame you either...I'm the bomb diggety doo.  It is now 5 am and I am still wide awake, more than ever.  Remember them driving in the car and saying how awake and alive they felt while the dust flew, the cops hunted them down?  That's how awake I feel now Louise.  I got a new SARK book!  Transforming Loss and Change Into Gift and Opportunity!  ....whose thinking do you admire?  be mentored by that.  You Louise, You are my mentor.  yay oh Joy!  This letter is changing me!  Holy craptastic batgirl!  I need to do this regularly.  Therapy Schmerapy.  I just need to write to you.  This is clearing my muddled brain thoughts.  Can you feel it?  can you tell?  I know you can, you know me and my brain and my crazy ways, it is part of why you love me so!  I am so awesomesauce as are you Princess Pie in the sky!  Uggh, my roomate is snoring.  Holay.....Guess that is karma.  Sorry Louise for snoring like an earthquake for all of those years!  Doesn't happen anymore though, I sleep quiet now.  Good dreaming with you Louise, you are a spectacular friend.  I will see you in dreamland and we can belt one out on the fiddle.  Fiddle chicks are the sexiest! xoxo

hey my true blue
lying here in a hospital bed. big breath ...
came in tuesday after 24 hours of excruciating pain in my hernia and back. 3 shots of dilaudid later the pain was finally controlled. but, bloodwork came back showing low levels of just about everything they were checking. especially my blood ... white and red cells and platelets. so they admitted me to figure it out. next morning they check blood and its even lower. put me on continuos iv antibiotics cuz i could not fight off any bug right now. masks for anyone coming in. waiting for todays bloodwork results.
louise . i am so scared. going for bone marrow test in ottawa. bone marrow. geeZuz. those two words suck. truly. what if they say the C word Louise, what am I going to do?  Use your mojo Louise and make this go away, if anyone can you can.
cant think of anything else to say, sorry your birthday celebration we had planned can't happen I know.....
lets run away!!!!
will keep u posted.
i love u

Dear Patti~
Oh how I miss you and I love you.  I have never been so scared of anything in my life.  I keep positive, you know I do.  I try to keep my energy flowing in a good direction but those sneaky little voices come in and tell me to wake up to how sick I really am.  Louise I really feel beaten down, tired, and at times just hopeless.  Cancer sucks, but you know all of this without me saying a word dontcha? I am fighting as hard as I can Louise, I promise you, but I wish I could escape and road trip to you.  Soon enough, I promise.  I'll be there at your door to kidnap you and we can make some more sweet wild child exciting memories.  I love you Louise.  D xoxoxo

Hey, Louise.  I love you.  I know you were talking to Mel and you know that I'm saying my goodbyes now.  I am scared.  I'm not quite ready yet.  This sucks.  This isn't fair.  I'm going fast Louise, might not make it through the weekend.  I know you probably can't make it here in time, just know that I love you and feel your spirit here.  I love infinity and beyond...remember that.

“If she could have anything in the world, he'd asked her, 

what would it be?

She'd answered that one without hesitation: a best friend. 

She hastily added, a truly, seriously best friend; one that I 

couldn't wait to talk to first thing in the morning as soon as I 

woke up, and one that I still wanted to be talking to, right up 

to the last minute before I went to sleep. 

He'd smiled faintly. You mean a soul mate, he'd thought but 

not said.” 

― Karen Marie MoningSpell of the Highlander

Thank You Thelma for all of the love, the laughs, the inspiration, the encouragement, the advice, the dreams, You made it all worthwhile....and I will carry on the dream.


Patti-Ann Louise Jessie Heidi Wholeness Sim Fenech

Dear Thelma,

I finally finished your room for you!  Well, technically it is the guest room but as I promised you just before you got ill, I was going to set it all up so you had a place to stay while you figured out the rest of your life!  I also asked you once you were in the hospital, how exactly you would like it to be decorated and you told me.... "ahh, you know, Louise style."  Now we both know that Louise style means, country, cottage, boho, kitch.  So.... as requested, that is exactly how it turned out.  It has some of your favorite things. (Archie comics, puzzle games, scented candles, creations from "Winter Wheat", kaleidoscope, nesting dolls) It also has many of the things you gave me over the years... (the peace cross, pig tea pot, catholic kitsch candles, journals, books)  There is a bed for you to sleep in, a chair for you to sit and think in, a desk for you to write at, and a variety of my own art work and photos which you always said you loved so much. 
Just when I finished the room, you came home to rest!  Melanie packaged you up (your ashes) and along with your journal, your candle and some other trinkets and personal items which she packaged up with pink and margarita green paper and arrived at my work by courier, just in time for our Brown Bag Luncheon and Brainstorming Session.  After a busy day I brought you home and with great sadness and love and joy, I placed you carefully where you belong.  RIP my dear one.


Dear Thelma,

I have been thinking a lot about you today.  It's officially autumn and you know how much we enjoy autumn!  I got to thinking about how you came to visit me for a week back in September of 1997 I think it was!  Maybe it was 1998?  I was living in Midland on Fredrick street then, beside Mischa.  That actually might have been when the two of you met for the first time?  Wow, 15 years ago....time flies.  Wendy was living in Midland then too and it was so amazing to have us all in one location again.  I say this because although your intent was to visit for a week, you decided you loved it so much you chose to stay!  That was just like you.  Always spontaneous, that was one of the things I loved most about you!  I think you might have been up for a visit that same summer and we went camping at a site just outside of the town.  You, me, Cary, the kids, Roz and Phil and their two kids and Ron.  That was the camping trip where we found the road sign that said Patti's Path and we took it as a sign (no pun intended) that it was a message of what was to come....a new journey!  We snuck back that night and the guys ripped the sign out of the ground and took it pole and all and we ran like the dickens back to camp where we burned the pole as firewood and hid the bolts so there would be no evidence!  What fun that was!  I still have that sign.  It has moved everywhere I have and it goes up everytime I feel the winds of change a blowing again and a new path unfolding.  It is sitting in my new garden now as we speak.  It was that weekend that as we swam in Georgian Bay, you informed me that the more fat you had on your body the more you could float.  It didn't work for me back then but it does now!  I was thinking about that as I was floating in my new pool in August!  We talked about astral projection and alien abduction while we floated and howled at the full moon! That was the same weekend you got the funny sunburn when you took an afternoon siesta with your feet and legs sticking half way out of the tent.  It looked like you had red socks on and I laughed and laughed!  I think Mark and Wendy came out for a fire with us that weekend...omg that sounds so strange as she has been with Chet now for years!   Anyhow.... back to my original thought, autumn, and you coming to visit and deciding to stay.  We took a trip to Balm Beach on the outskirts of Midland you loved that beach so much.... remember all of the naps you took on it...your peaceful place... and how you would put on your pretty black bathing suit with the skirt and you and I would dance in the water and do water ballet cuz you said you felt like a ballerina in the water and we should dance!  We would twirl and hop and everyone would stare!  Then one day we drove around and looked at the cottages and we found this cute little one that was up for rent for the off season and you decided to rent it!  We were so excited!  A little cottage surrounded by trees and at the beach, what more could one ask for! You went back to wherever you were living at the time and got your stuff and brought it back and it all fit in your car then....remember the days of travelling light?!   I can't remember how long you lived there but I do remember Cary and Mark having to jump start your car and get you out of there, you were stranded!  I think the snow had started to fly then and the roads were crazy treacherous and sometimes the plow wouldn't go through and you would be stuck and I would come and bring you beans as a joke! And then, like Mary Poppins, one day you opened your umbrella and *poof* you were gone again taken by the winds of change once more.  I have been thinking a lot about Midland again too and how much I still miss it.  I left in 1999 and came to London, but I think I left a piece of my heart there.  My last trip there I visited with Mischa and Lupa and I took some pictures of our lovely little beach and I am pretty sure I found that cute little cottage you lived in too.  Miss you Thelma.... 
Love, Louise  


Tansy said...

Dear Louise:
The room is *gorgeous*. Thelma would have danced in there for sure.
Love Tansy. :D

Mischa said...

I LOVE the room almost as much as I love you Chickita!! It's the perfect space for her.

Tansy said...

I saw this earlier and thought "Oh Gods that must have been hard for her to write", went to comment on it on your FB but could not find it. Made an account on here to specifically tell you that you are awesome and thank you for sharing that post. I did not get to know you well and am saddened by it. I feel as though I know you through her somehow and your words move me to sadness and love. You allow her to Work through/with you though it's hard and you persevere. Blessed love to you beautiful lady, work your magic and love love LOVE! <3